Year of Creation: 2022 | Published: 2023-05-24 | Theme: ''Humanity is trying. Humanity will be tested-only he who will be humbled will be able to taste, - eternity''. © Eleni Vasiliou Asteroskoni

by Eleni Vasiliou Asteroskoni

I would like to write
before feeling and smelling the fall
-of the inevitable extermination-
But I'm afraid that another song
of love and mourning will be shown
A song which will bring sadness and melancholy,
without any meaning or significance-
The soul dreamed of a small fire of stars
which are burning, on the other side of the sky,
they took in the fragments, the wishes of the people-
the body looks at an empty night glow,
a bright transparent dream, invoking the burning.
Unlucky angels, who happened to be here-
I have nothing to treat you with, I have nothing to tell you…

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