Desert Awakening
Year of Creation: 2020 | Published: 2021-01-10 | Theme: Life and Thoughts

I have escaped the noise and confusion of the city
and arrived at a place better known to me.
Looking out on the vast expanse of desert with its intermittent spacing of yucca and other growth I find myself settling into a pleasant state of mind.
The broad expanse of this desert landscape will assist in determining future actions and thoughts.

Now is the time to delve into the essence of life and examine my existence.
For many, it is impossible to forgive past injustices and give thought to living life at its fullest.
Instead, they are caught up in the tension and stress of politics and current affairs.

Soon the silence and the fading light become mesmerizing, along with the coolness of this space.
The appearance of the stars and planets overhead will bring forth the opportunity for new thoughts and serene feelings.
It is now possible to shed all anxieties and worries, thinking about the possibilities of a better tomorrow.

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