Marek Porąbka
Poet's Self Presentation

His adventure with poetry began in 1998 in Croatia.


In 2008, he published his debut book of poems “W lustrze” ( In the Mirror).


The next one was the volume “Rdza” (Rust), published in 2010. A year later, appeared another collection “Na rondzie” (On the Roundabout). The year 2012 brought "Psałterz profana” (Psalter Profana).


In 2013, due to Croatia's accession to the European Union, the volume "mój adriatyk” (My Adriatic) was published. The year 2015 resulted in a volume Śłonie i parasole” (Elephants and Umbrellas). Then the book of poetry „Per rectum” shows up in 2018.


In 2019, the volume „ ja, pies na muzykę” (I, a Sucker for Music) was issued.


The year 2020 brought another volume entitled "Pierwsza setka” (The First 100).


The poem "z wiosna przyszło” (with spring it came")was selected and presented by the organizers as part of the celebration of World Book Day (3-14th March 2016) in Edinburgh, Scotland.


In recent years, he has been associated with the activity of the Poetic Group "Każdy”  and the poetic project "Szuflandia".


He also publishes over the Internet on the eMultipoetry and ePublisher websites, and is a member of the Gdańsk Poets Club.


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