The documentary on the ePublisher International Poetry Festivals


The International Poetry Festival in Lousada, Portugal

On 6-7 June 2017 an International Poetry Festival was held in Lousada, Portugal.


The Internationl Poetry Festival 'Discover Poetry de Novo' in Vilnius, Lithuania

On the 12-13 of May 2017, Lithuanian poetry lovers and foreign guests could discover poetry De Novo at an international “ePublisher” festival in Vilnius, Lithuania. 

 “Vaibai Ore” (Darius Jurevičius Zaizras, Vadimas Korotajevas, Matas Laužadis) presented a poem “Blue Forest”.

Poet and architect Tomas S. Butkus presented a performance “Full moon Vanity”.

The actors Gabriele Malinauskaite, Asta Stankunaite, and Pijus Narijauskas presented poet and essayist Rimvydas Stankevicius’ poetry and texts. The event was followed by a discussion between the author and the audience.

The first day of the festival ended with the readings of poems by poets from Lithuania, Finland, Portugal and Poland. One of the evenings‘ highlights was a poetry reading and musical collaboration between celebrated Finish poet Juha Kulmala and saxophonist Viktoras Olechnovičius.

The second day of the festival started with a performance from poet and publicist Zygimantas Kudirka. During the workshop, various collaborative writing techniques and ePublisher interactive collaborative writing games were tested. The final part of the workshop was poetry karaoke of created collaborative texts.


An interview with the Polish poet Maria Duszka and Lithuanian prose writer, translator Birute Jonuškaite

On 24th May 2017 SIH organised a meeting with a famous Polish poet Maria Duszka and Lithuanian prose writer, translator Birutė Jonuškaitė.


The International Poetry Festival in Krakow, Poland

On 18-19 March 2017 an International Poetry Festival was held in Krakow, Poland.

Summary of the festival.

The main event of the festival.


The International Poetry Festival in Turku, Finland

On 7-8 April 2017 an International Poetry Festival was held in Turku, Finland.


Poetry Evening of the Poet Rimvydas Stankevičius in Vilnius

On 3rd June 2016 SIH organised a meeting with a famous contemporary poet Rimvydas Stankevičius – ePublisher poet of the month of April.


SIH organised a week of 'SIH Poetry Spring'

The second week of May, prior an international poetry festival and the most outstanding yearly literature event POETRY SPRING is being held all over Lithuania, SIH organised poetry readings with our teachers and students.


SIH organised a poetic tour to Anykščiai

On a sunny morning of the 27th of May 2016, a large number of the ePublisher participants and enthusiasts from Lithuania went to visit the town of Anykščiai, which is a homeland of prominent Lithuanian poets A. Baranauskas, J. Biliūnas and A. Vienuolis-Žukauskas.


Poetic activities in Lousada

This video shows different activities related to poetry such as public Reading poetry events, exhibitions and poetry books presentation, that were organized by the Municipal Public Library to promote and disseminate the ePublisher project.


Poetry Show “Piçarra em Pessoa” in Lousada

On 24th May 2016 the Municipality of Lousada held a very interesting poetry show based on a poetry book, wirtten by Diogo Piçarra, which evoques on of the most famous Portuguese poets of all times, Fernando Pessoa. Diogo Piçarra is a very popular young musician who decided to write a book based on the poetry of one of the most famous Portuguese poets – Fernando Pessoa. He chose some of the poet´s poems and wrote his version of them. Another interesting characteristic of the book is that after each poem and its new version, there is an empty page inviting each people to create their own version of the original poem.The book is especially dedicated to students that are finishing secondary school. This video is about the all show around this poetry book.


13th Anniversary of Lousada Public Municipal Library

We chose the 13th anniversary of the Municipal Public Library to promote an event of public reading poetry and to start projecting poems on the walls of public buildings. We invited a classical music band which whose singer read some poems that were also being projected on the Library walls. This event took place outside the building and was offered to everyone who was passing by at that moment.


CLOSE AND FAR Poetry Video Contest 2016 in Finland

Our new potential project partner form Finland, the Finnish poetry association called Lahti Poetry Marathon presents the winner of the 2016 poetry video contest. Writer Pia Houni and her work group Max LiljaJanne Laiho, Jaana Pesonen and M’fundo Morrison won the first prize with their video MAA II. Watch and enjoy!