The Union of Associations MULTIKULTURA


Since 2012 Multikultura is a member of the Commission for Civic Dialogue at the Municipality of Krakow. The Commission was established by the government to inspire cooperation among the entrepreneurs, public institutions and local NGOs with emphasis on disadvantaged groups. Members of Multikultura are very active in the Commission. Since 2012 Multikultura is also in constant cooperation with always growing number of European cities, actively participating in the Euro network of CITIES IN INTERNET

The Union consists of different institutions dealing with arts and education and ICT technology. Multikultura specializes in exploitation of eLearning, multimedia education technology applying such methods like internet platforms, training films, educational television, and video games. The documentary films produced by Multikultura have been awarded at different European film festivals and are now used by many schools in Europe as educational tools. Multikultura promotes equal opportunities of education & employment & combat marginalization of social groups. In accordance with the Erasmus+ Programme Multikultura pays attention to new technologies, able to guarantee equity in education, open technologies that allow All individuals to learn, Anywhere, Anytime, through Any device.

Since 1999 Multikultura is working as educational provider on different projects on Cooperative Learning applied directly in classes as well as in the international contexts, where partners explore methods that stimulate the co-operation through open, challenging and complex tasks. Mainly exploring the method derived from cooperative learning developed by Elizabeth Cohen (Stanford University) and Dalton Plan.


Halina Pawlik Stańczyka 22/122,

Kraków 30-126, Poland 

Tel. 0048505181903