Tour to Birthplaces of Finnish Poets


On Sunday 8th of January 2017 TKKY organized an excursion to the places of birth of Finnish great poets Elias Lönnrot and Aleksis Kivi.

The travel started from Turku to Lohja (Sammatti), where is the house of Elias Lönnrot birthplace. Elias Lönnrot is famous for national epos Kalevala. From Lohja we continued our travel to Nurmijärvi, the famous Finnish poet and writer Aleksis Kivi´s birthplace. The participants had a great opportunity to get acquaintance to the Finnish poet´s birthplaces as well as to the poets´ life.

During the bus travel the poems of these poets were read by Antonina Huovinen. Our guide told the participants about these places and the poets´ life and poetry.

Earlier news


Lithuanian Cabinet of Ministers announced names of the laureates of the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Awards of the year 2016. ePublisher Poet of the Month for April Rimvydas Stankevičius is among the Laureates.