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Founded in 1997, 'Poetry Daily' is a 501(c)3 non-profit daily anthology of contemporary poetry. The editors read journals and books of poems first published from the widest range of sources they can find, from across the US and the world- and they continually seek to expand that reading. They carefully select the best and most interesting poems from those publications for their thousands of readers.

Each day they present one of those poems to you. Poems are chosen from the work of a wide variety of poets published or translated in the English language. Poetry’s most eminent writers are represented in their selections and also poets who are less well known. Included with each poem is information about the poet and the poem’s source.

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Earlier news


On 9 October 2020 actresses Gabriele Malinauskaite-Rudziene and Emilija Latenaite-Beliauskiene presented their music and poetry programme to the residents of social care homes in Utena and Antazave, Lithuania.


On 28 August 2020 a traditional Poetry Evening 'Saulelydzio posmai' was organised in Taurage, Lithuania.


The poet Michal Zablocki was awarded with the UNESCO Krakow City Literature Award.


During the period of quarantine, the Lithuanian public broadcaster, Lithuanian Radio and Television (LRT), has created a project, called 'Karantino lyrika'.


Join 'Poets House'  event on Monday, March 30th, 10am, for week two with Dave Johnson to write a new poem in only 10 minutes!