Desert Lamentation
Year of Creation: 2019 | Published: 2019-05-22 | Theme: Desert destruction

Summer has now dropped into autumn, cleansing
      the surrounding atmosphere.
A cool wind pushes clouds across the face of a
     silver moon creating a surrealistic scene.
Standing there in the shadows I feel comfortably
     surrounded by the encroaching silence.
For an instant my mind is void of all suppressed
     and disturbing concerns.
Yet, thoughts soon turn toward the evolution of
     this desert landscape.
There is a lingering danger in the air that weighs on
     me each day.
They want to develop this beautiful piece of the
     earth and take away life as it exists.
Flora and fauna are now at risk for the sake of
Endangered species will disappear along with any
     future dreams I may hold.
The spread of humanity will overrun this segment
     of desert and its inherent beauty and serenity.
The demise of this desert is not metaphorical and
     my passions are being destroyed.

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