Environmental Disaster
Year of Creation: 2021 | Published: 2021-09-06 | Theme: The Environment

There is smoke in the air, there is dust in the air, and we
can no longer see the endless horizon.
The oppressive heat of global warming and the lack of rain
are destroying the landscape.
Biodiversity is becoming a meaningless term with the
continual disappearance of flora and fauna.
The slogan of the city commission is:” let’s build more
while clearing this earth.”
It is growth for the sake of growth, so witness the progress
and stand in line.

It will take more environmental tragedies to bring this all encompassing calamity to the forefront.
We are at the tipping point; ready to plunge into the abyss
of no return.
“Too late, too late, too late,” will soon be the new mantra,
and then it will really matter.
Many are willing to ignore the science and trust in fallacies
for the masses.
We are now in the countdown as to when to planet will be
cast into ruin.
So must we pass it on and let future generations inherit
our earth and its problems.

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