My Lithuania
Year of Creation: 2011 | Published: 2016-02-27 | Theme: Patriotic

I was born to be touched
by your crucifiction,

I was born to accept
the teethed lies of history,

we shared each other's sadness in silence,
no tears through the years,
no church bells and no prayers,

I was there...

I was there,
when the giants put you on trial
and judged you
for not being important enough and fragile,
they locked up your lips
and they chained your feet,
they covered up your blue eyes
with a bandage of grief,

I was there...

I was there to witness the loss
of your sons and your daughters,

sent out to the wilderness of the tundra,
gunned down in your forests,

their bones were lying disgraced in the guilt,
because they loved freedom
and it was their sin,

I was there...

My Lithuania,
I admire your passion,
I am proud of your Liberty
and your Independence,

I was born to remember your hills
from the distance,
and to worship your skies all in blue
as your eyes.

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