The third consortium meeting was held on 26-27 September in Turku (FI).


The traditional membership event of the Lithuanian Association of Adult Education was held in Rumsiskes (LT) on 10-11 September 2016. 


On Sunday, the 11th of September, TKKY organized  an excursion to Helsinki. The participants visited  the places of great Finnish poets such as Johan Ludvig Runeberg, Aleksis Kivi, Elias Lönnrot and Eino Leino.


At the end of August/ beginning of September The International Culture Association of Turku (TKKY) organized three public poetry reading events. The events aimed to increase immigrant students’ interest in Finnish poetry and encourage them to read out loud the poems in Finnish language.


On 10-12 June 2016 Multikultura hosted the meeting of the poets, the users of poetic platform ePublisher.


On Friday, 3rd June, at Coffee Inn situated in the heart of Vilnius’ old town SIH organised a meeting with a famous contemporary poet Rimvydas Stankevičius – ePublisher poet of the month of April. 


“Piçarra em Pessoa” is a very interesting poetry show based on a poetry book, wirtten by Diogo Piçarra, which evoques on of the most famous Portuguese poets of all times, Fernando Pessoa.