Michał Zabłocki
Poet's Self Presentation

I came from Warsaw but I moved out and now I live in Krakow. I was a film director, but I quit and became a poet. I was a national champion in saber, but I ceased practicing it and only recently, at the age of 50, I returned to this sport. I wonder if I will ever come back to everything I used to do in past. Now I change my skin all the time and still write new poems and songs. I published 10 or 15 books of poetry, it depends how you count them. I wrote 500 or 1500 songs, it depends if you count written or recorded and released songs. I am the President of the Association of Polish Writers, Krakow Branch. Also I am the President of my own Foundation “Poemat”. I promote poetry in Poland, abroad and on the Internet.